Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services

Control costs, increase efficiency
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Alleviating the day-to-day management of your network, customer support or service desk workloads allows your business to focus on revenue generating and other priority business initiatives. Alexant has the expertise needed to consolidate, integrate and manage your organization’s IT. As a leading provider of managed network solutions, we can help you reduce the cost and complexity of network management through proven design, deployment, monitoring, reporting and support capabilities. Our team of engineers can maintain and manage your IT environments based on your unique performance and budget requirements. Services are available through a Monthly Subscription Plan or on a per project basis.

The Alexant Difference—A Better Way Forward

Talk to most Managed Services Providers (MSP) today and you’re likely to get an ear full of useless statistics that do nothing to help your business—how many help desk and maintenance personnel they have, average time to ticket response and average time to repair. The problem with this approach is that it focuses on navigating downtime. Let’s see how many people I can throw at responding to your tickets and how quickly I can declare the ticket “closed”. Alexant believes there’s a better way. We focus on analyzing the network and applications minutely, defining problems or choke points and then automating and implementing “self-healing” actions to mitigate problems before they occur.

Detect and Repair Issues—Before They Occur

To be sure, we have highly trained and experienced help desk and support personnel who are ready to respond to your network issues, but we take it a step further. We categorize identified problems and determine root cause(s). Then we use the data to simulate problem creation. The results are directed to our skilled engineers who design and implement self-healing scripts and procedures to detect and repair the defined issue before it occurs. Why this approach? At Alexant, we believe that all downtime is bad. And we realized years ago that networks will only continue to grow in complexity. Soon, all devices, from computers to thermostats will be network enabled. That’s why we invested in powerful software tools to manage this growth and complexity and we started on a plan to train our staff to see beyond the immediate.

Managed Network Services

  • Contact Support (Email/Phone)
  • Service Desk Incident & Support
  • Device Management & Administration
  • Mobile Device Management
  • End-User Account Provisioning
  • Network Services
  • Managed Server Infrastructure
  • Managed Endpoints
  • Server & Endpoint Patch Management
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Office 365 Mail Migration and Administration

Prevention Is Our Watchword

Today, we automate the diagnosis and instant repair of application and systems problems. Prevention is our watchword and it’s not uncommon for our clients to have years of 100% uptime. We’re proud of this record and will continue to refine old methods while exploring new ones.

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