Backup and Recovery


At best, data loss or IT downtime is an expensive inconvenience. At worst, it’s a catastrophic financial blow. You need a cloud backup and recovery capability that can recover your data quickly without draining your IT resources in the process. Alexant provides enterprise-grade data protection that allows you to fully recover your data from local storage and/or the cloud—and it’s priced competitively.

Get Systems Back up and Running Quickly, With Minimal Disruption

When a disaster happens, getting your systems back up and running as quickly as possible is crucial to saving you money and keeping your customers happy – that’s where RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives of seconds) are important.

Alexant can provide a Fully Managed Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service for your business, with company data automatically and securely backed up to local storage and/or to the cloud. We’ll also replicate your data to a secondary data center for high-level resilience and failover capabilities.

We offer a tailored solution, using your existing infrastructure to protect all company data within Alexant’s cloud environment. This means no additional investment in hardware or upgrades to existing network capabilities.


Back Up Your Data Better, and Recover It Fast and Error-Free

The most important part of any backup and recovery solution is “recovery.” A system might make backups like a well-oiled machine, but if those backups take days or weeks to recover, you’re stuck with expensive downtime. Worse, if the backups you recover are corrupt or otherwise unusable, you could face a permanent loss of critical data.

That’s why Alexant data protection doesn’t just recover your data lightning fast, anytime and anywhere you need it. We also perform multiple validation checks on your backups, to make sure the data you’re transferring is always of high integrity, fully recoverable, and error-free.

All Your Business Data Protected, Wherever It Lives

Alexant data protection services protects all your business-critical data, regardless of what kind of server you keep it on. Physical or virtual, PDF or server image, we will back it up and restore it.

  • File SystemsReplicate your servers’ file systems to the cloud in their native format and structure.
  • DatabasesBack up databases and applications such as SQL and Exchange.
  • Server ImagesCapture the entire server disk image for easy restoration, or to spin up in the cloud when needed.
  • File, database, or server image backups
  • Direct-to-cloud backups and recoveries
  • Protection for VMware, Hyper-V, and physical servers
  • Recovery via web, software client, or mounted drive
  • Multiple validation checks to ensure high data integrity
  • Local copy option
  • Built-in WAN optimization for fast transfer of large datasets
  • SSL encryption in flight, AES encryption at rest
  • 2-Factor authentication for added account security
  • Compliant with HIPAA/ITAR/SOX requirements
  • SSAE-16 Type II/SOC 1 audited datacenters in the U.S.

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